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The newgrounds community

2009-07-23 16:25:57 by Mesmic

is a good one. As a 'budding artist', a.k.a. an amateur willing to share some of my doodles, the feedback that you've given me so far has been brilliant. Couldn't ask fer a better bunch of people.

I'm still available for voice-acting, beta-ing, even requests. Always willing to lend a hand.

Anyways, I'm currently playing FFIII.
Ingus makes me feel dirty<3

The newgrounds community


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2009-08-31 11:28:10

Ha ha ha, it's me again, Lady Mesmic------!
See? You said no one would read your LAST post. Yet here I am reading this one as well! How you like dem apples? Heh heh heh Just poppin' in to see how everything had been going for ya. nice piccy, BTW. *points to the picture above my comment and smiles really big*
You have a really cute artistic style. It's nice to see your art portal picturees filling on up. I'm in love with the big eyes you draw. If you get bored sometime, come check out my page. Boredom comes even to the best of us. Anyhoo, thanks again for responding to my sarcasm last time. (I bet you don't even remember me, do you?) Until next time, Mesmic. . .

........Take care, be good and keep making females artists, look good.period

Mesmic responds:

Lady Gaia! We should always use Lady before our names now, seeing as it's such a novelty.
I like dem apples very much, bahah. I really appreciate it. Everything is going fine, apart from the fact that I have an interview in an hour and I'm still sitting here on newgrounds. That's life.
It's not the best, no masterpieces by a long stretch! But I draw for fun, and I hope to get better with time. Thanks for your kind words.

Will do, and you'd better too ;)


2009-10-31 16:08:17

You like Ingus ? Well, there is plenty of Ingus on NG -

You coud start here : /263678


2009-12-08 20:04:43

Hmmm...... I could use a hand but I don't know what on.....
Your a really talented artist!! If you have flash maybe we could work together?

Mesmic responds:

I'd like to work in collaboration with someone, that would be fantastic. Feel free to get in touch with me when you've decided on anything - I'll be prompt in replying :)


2010-01-08 05:53:51

I left newgrounds long ago. i stumbled upon this somehow and my browser logs me in for me so i decided to leave a comment. i hated this community. never liked it. It was cold, unaccepting, ignorant and ive been much more successful in asking for help on Flashkit. DeviantArt, ArmourGames, and Kongregate have a better community. On NG the rating system is retarded. It allows retarded stalkers to rate your things 0 everyday and rate their own things 5 everyday. The only thing i liked about NG was the concept of 0 in the rating system

Mesmic responds:

You have to dig through the crap before you find something that sparkles. The thing that I like about Newgrounds is, people will give you an honest opinion. It may not be phrased nicely but it's honest. Plus, the exposure is enormous. On deviantART, which I've been a member of for years, it's easy to make friends but it's hard as shit to get an honest opinion from anyone. They're all too nice and reserved. I could see flaws, but no one ever had the balls to point them out to me. The flaws that I couldn't see were the things I needed help with the most but hardly anyone points them out either. It's frustrating for someone who's trying to grow, especially when you expect an art community to, well, be more of an art fanatic than a friend. Plus, I get a thousand plus views for a single piece uploaded to NG, whereas I'm averaging two-digit views on dA.
You're always gonna get some sort of shit on the internet. Trolls will be trolls, rude people will be rude, and 12 year olds with more testosterone than sense will be there to talk down to you like they know anything worth a damn. That's something I've been able to get over fast. It's the people who produce fantastic pieces of art with a lot of technical skill that fuck me off the most - when THEY talk down to you without providing anything constructive - I've had that one time on here (on the piece SF: Go For Broke) and that was something that hasn't left me yet. I have to admit I'm shocked at that.

The general community do strive to help you when given the chance. The spammers and trolls are something you have to desensitize yourself to. I've been an NG user for going on 4 years now and I've always wanted to help people in any way I can, and I'm convinced I'm not the only user here with that mind-set.

I do agree that the vote system is broken beyond belief. The idea of jacking up my vote power to blam/save genuinely bad/good work is something that's attractive for me but it was ridiculously easy to abuse for others and that's something that has to be fixed.

If I had it my own way, people who can't spell more than half of their vocabulary wouldn't be allowed on the internet. I'm sorry it's those idiots that drove you away from the site. But there are pretty awesome people here. With a brain. And they're the only people who should be given attention.

Thanks for sharing your opinion, starownage3.